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Vote counts continue in Senate and Governor's races one week after #ElectionDay
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🤩Wow! NASA posted this amazing photo of a dragon-shaped #aurora, which lit up the sky in Iceland earlier this week🐉
#BREAKING : R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts Of Aggravated Criminal Sex Abuse

(Robin Marchant / Getty)
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💖💖or favor, parem de pedir Harry Potter.
Accused sex criminals who Trump has defended:

1. Roy Moore

2. Brett Kavanaugh

3. Bob Kraft

4. Roger Ailes

5. Himself
Fuck bitches get money?


Fuck Haters be Happy 🤗
.@weareoneexo's Suho is emerging as a style star in his own right.
Coming this fall… The story of a poorly staged hate crime that rocked a nation: Jussie’s Lie
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God is relational not transactional. He wants to walk with you thru the pain, not just make it disappear.
It’s so crazy that i can get copyrighted for singing a song terribly in my kitchen in my pajamas with headphones on hahhaha i’m so confused 😅
If you are depressed or feeling suicidal please please please please please reach out to ANYONE. I never get to see Brody Stevens again I can’t stand this. #RIPBrodyStevens #818ForLife
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