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  3. christian wood finishes with 26 pts, 15 reb in the win to help them move on to the next round of the playoffs!
2 months
Christian Wood finishes with 26 PTS, 15 REB in the @Bucks win to help them move on to the next round of the @NBASummerLeague playoffs!

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Red Sox could hit two benchmarks in this game --
1. They could wrap up home field advantage throughout the AL playoffs w/ a win.
2. They could set a franchise record with 106 wins; the 1912 Red Sox currently share the record, with 105.
"You don’t let them get in front of you, they can’t do nothing. They’re going to quit by the third quarter. And that’s what happened today.” This and so many other statements were made today in Jacksonville. Column with reaction on the Titans' 9-6 win. https://t.co/WPN8KVpL8n
Tiger finishes the greatest comeback season in the history of golf with his first win in more than five years.

How much did replacing Ereck Flowers with Chad Wheeler help the @Giants offensive line in today’s win?

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