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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.

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🛰️ @NASA sees #HurricaneFlorence in #3D on approach to the East Coast https://t.co/MD4bn1REfj
A last look at Titan.
@CassiniSaturn’s final image of the mysterious moon’s Northern lakes and seas leaves us with more questions than answers: https://t.co/xIS3pHFk8o
There is a 9/11 tribute on Mars. The hardware with the US flag on @MarsRovers Spirit is made of aluminum recovered from the World Trade Center towers site: https://t.co/fGr68XFy2w
The end is near for @NASA_Dawn. Feast your eyes on amazing footage from this mission to the asteroid belt: https://t.co/hERAVVYOdI
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As @NASA_Dawn approaches the end of its 11-year mission to Ceres and Vesta in the asteroid belt, join us for a science chat this Friday. Tag questions #askNASA. https://t.co/CzPnk4YYai

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Postcards to Opportunity
Thank you for your support as we work to reestablish communication with our intrepid @MarsRovers Opportunity. #OppyPhoneHome
"Cautiously optimistic" @MarsRovers team plans a lengthy listening campaign in hopes of re-establishing contact with Opportunity after the dust storm clears on Mars. https://t.co/BFvEoAQMT8

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“The Center of the Universe @NASA”
’s Deep Space Network is the only 24/7 communications link to spacecraft beyond the moon. Here’s how it workhttps://t.co/YjmRJLX9oWs:
Join us in wishing a happy 100th birthday to Katherine Johnson! "Hidden figure" no more, we celebrate her legacy and all the "modern figures" working across @NASA today. https://t.co/QLpZ1ROOV3

#OTD in 1989, @NASAVoyager 2 made its closest approach to #Neptune, making it the first spacecraft to observe the planet up close: https://t.co/15yF5RK8fp
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