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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages many of NASA's robotic missions exploring Earth, the solar system and our universe. Tweets from JPL's News Office.

Latest Scoops

The first known interstellar object in our solar system is full of surprises.
Thanks to @NASAspitzer, we have a better understanding of its brief visit: https://t.co/jAxDbLF24l #oumuamua
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Coming soon to a Red Planet near you!
#MarsLanding for @NASAInSight is set for Nov. 26. We’ll be streaming from mission control. Here’s how to watch live: https://t.co/14YC7uFKL9
Save the date: @NASAInSight is two weeks from landing on #Mars
Learn more before the Nov. 26 touchdown: https://t.co/FVZ0DnOeGk
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Visualizing loss and the effort to contain destruction. @NASA’s ARIA provides a damage map of California’s #WoolseyFire and #CampFire from space. https://t.co/hAxh8Rgt3Q
Star & Stripes
We pause to thank all veterans past and present. https://t.co/2CFOpOOhFi
#VeteransDay #NeverForget
A Dragon’s Eye?
What do you see within the swirling clouds of Jupiter? https://t.co/TjIOUFJ2CC
📸: @NASAJuno
Explore the wonder of space with @NASAJPL_Edu’s universe of #STEM activities: https://t.co/SYapO0nQqZ #NationalSTEMDay
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What does it take to perfectly build, launch and land a spacecraft on #Mars?
Our new podcast takes you behind the scenes with @NASAInSight. Listen here: https://t.co/aChC9BWBLC #NASAOnAMission
The #Mars landing site for @NASAInSight is just plain perfect: https://t.co/yAysBCYFD7
Design a space mission, get a @NASA mentor
Undergrads and grads, apply for @Caltech’s Space Challenge by December 1: https://t.co/yMnj4mkkm4
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