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Latest Scoops

We've got the latest from @6LACK and @1future 💌 Watch their "East Atlanta Love Letter" video now: https://t.co/2qsNabytYf
From hits with @iambeckyg and beyond, Bad Bunny is taking the world by storm. Get to know him now on PRIMED: https://t.co/Jf7O1PB09p
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"I am 100% done" - @MikePosner on the status of his upcoming album: https://t.co/7tGR4Qbube
PSA 🚨 @jeremyzucker doesn't want to hang out with your cat: https://t.co/zdFbxYICmh #DeleteOrRetweet
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"I'm trying to find out what it's like to be alive when you stop caring about trying to be more successful" - @MikePosner on his twelve day isolation retreat: https://t.co/XxuNCY70IN
Clearly someone over at Gucci reached into the depths of my mind and recovered a @Harry_Styles fever dream I once had wowowow
Can't stop won't stop watching @5SOS' "Valentine" video: https://t.co/2qsNabQ5mP 💀
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