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Latest Scoops

A good friend is good at gifs 👍
Get your @JackAndJack fix: https://t.co/oSnltTA38v
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Sometimes I watch this @5SOS blooper reel when I'm sad and idk just felt like sharing!!! https://t.co/z7JFHdybsx
EXTENDED INTERVIEW: @LukasGraham on fatherhood, his new album, and equality for women: https://t.co/Iux0IaIkSL
“It's very different than the rest of the album, but I think it was important to include" - @MariahCarey on #Portrait, the final song from her brand-new album: https://t.co/Zzrc3nGR1v
That’s Mrs. Bieber to you.
Don't miss this week's hottest tracks 🔥 Tune in to the #MCMAXMIX now: https://t.co/MSNHZ8BaiB
NYC blizzard? Not a problem when you're @MariahCarey! Mimi broke out #AllIWantForChristmas a little early this year: https://t.co/pGkZy3R47i
.@MariahCarey says "the creativity was flowing" when writing with @BibiBourelly and @PriscillaRenea for her new album #MariahCaution: https://t.co/pDufN47qb5
Does @KirkKnight stand by everything he tweets? We found out on a brand-new #DeleteOrRetweet: https://t.co/jcOIvxy4DX
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