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We can stop @realDonaldTrump & save our democracy this November, but we need your help. Help get out the vote bef#TheLastWeekendore the Nov election: https://t.co/hvtDrxzDIb
Attend a #ResistAndWin wave event in your area & end con@GOPtrol of the House this November. RSVP HERE: https://t.co/Pd01tn2xny
FACT: Women make up nearly two-thirds of the roughly 24 million workers in low-wage jobs https://t.co/2sXEXecECl #FightFor15
#Florida! @AnnaForFlorida is running for #FL47 and here are just three reasons to knock on some doors & ! Yo#GOTVu can learn about MoveOn's list of progressive champs here: https://t.co/jtinSPTjLI
#ResistAndWin Call Question (https://t.co/QBuwNCIS4I)
Q: "How fast can we react if Trump fires Rosenstein?" - Glenda
A: Here's all you'll need to know: https://t.co/Guk5NP37Ee
"In this election, the stakes are as high for kids as they are for adults. It’s a perfect time to show kids why voting matters. So we’re encouraging parents to take their kids canvassing to demonstrate democracy in action."
- @itsmichelles, MoveOn
#ResistAndWin Call Question (https://t.co/QBuwNCIS4I)
Q: "What can we do locally to make a difference?" - Rebecca S.
A: Attend a wave near you! https://t.co/Pd01tn2xny
This is what dedication looks like. #MoveOn member, Larry with the field organizer Lucia W., knocked on 49 doors over 4 hours in the 101 degree heat in Arizona. He got so many positive responses and even three people who want to volunteer too! https://t.co/Pd01tn2xny
"There is power in families getting out the vote together."
- @itsmichelles, #MoveOn Regional Organizing Director
"If you can imagine having a boss that is blocking your work at every turn and making sure your job is as hard as possible: that’s what the investigation will be up against if Rosenstein is fired & ins@realDonaldTrumptalls a 'yes man' to oversee the investigation." @K_JeanPierre
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