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"The lesson from 2018 should be clear: keep investing in all the states and in ongoing intensive organizing programs, so the map of possibility at every level once again expands." #ResistAndWin #StateAndLocal

Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Peter Norman created a historic touchstone against racism in America. Their inspiration is ours as we fight for racial and economic justice. https://t.co/0qWGNti4k6 #FightFor15
Thank you @staceyabrams for inspiring so many people in Georgia and across the country. So proud of what you and your team accomplished and look forward to ensuring a #FairFightGA and fair elections across the country.
Hey @HouseDemocrats -- this would be a staggeringly bad idea: https://t.co/vHIvofA6h3
#MoveOn's @benwiker had a scoop of "Cartel Almond Brittle" what @GuiltyPleas_urs will you choose? #ProtectMueller & get some FREE ICE CREAM: https://t.co/fgHKv8h0ax
Why yes, @EmmaDarvick, we'd love a "cohen".
#ProtectMueller & enjoy some FREE ICE CREAM. Find out where we'll be in D.C. this weekend:

Juhttps://t.co/CIVyKwjKj5stice is best served cold.
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#ResistAndWON in 2018.
Now we look to 2020.
Get your #BlueWave2020 sticker today!
HERE: https://t.co/GlysQsel0e
We will not let them take our voices away. #CountEveryVote
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The blue wave just got even bigger: Elizabeth Warren protege Katie Porter just won a hotly-contested race for Congress in California's 45th district. Here's why we couldn't be happier.
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