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Scientists estimate the subterranean biosphere is teeming with between 15 billion and 23 billion tons of microorganisms, hundreds of times the combined weight of every human on the planet. https://t.co/YvbrJtwhtY
Brian Kemp refused to resign as Georgia's secretary of state while running for governor. Days before defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams, his office accused democrats of election cyber crimes. Today, the @ajc reports they had "no evidence" backing the charge. https://t.co/dCqyiBI6ff
When the United States' biggest prison company complained about a California sanctuary law, ICE listened https://t.co/8H9dQtSWd0
What a grinch! Trump threatens to sue “Saturday Night Live” over their “It’s a Wonderful Life” parody. https://t.co/vuxgukVMGR
A study suggests the cause of the "Great Dying"—the worst extinction event in Earth’s history—was probably caused by global warming, and, as a result, high ocean temperatures and a loss of oxygen in the ocean. https://t.co/dot9kdZ9aM
On Thursday, Army prosecutors charged a soldier with murder. On Sunday, President Trump called him a "Military Hero." https://t.co/rdEiwVvtTW
The Trump administration didn't listen. https://t.co/uizBXJxsLq
The Los Angeles County Jail is one of the 3 largest psychiatric facilities in the US. Yet when inmates with mental illness are released, they often have nowhere to go but Skid Row. Under a major new legal settlement, that could all change. https://t.co/uzMn3UBbVe
Methylene chloride fumes can lead to asphyxiation or trigger heart attacks. https://t.co/mhS1nHfsWV
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