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This founding father's fears about America's future feel pretty darn prescient today https://t.co/q57yyIMPZH
Trump’s Former Lawyer Is Now Trying to Get Out the Vote For Democrats https://t.co/L0P3v524Ky
No, parents. The HPV vaccine won't encourage your daughter to have risky sex. https://t.co/S7ou9cqY5Y
Trump Accepts Saudi Arabia’s Latest Story About Journalist Dying in a “Fistfight” https://t.co/LEA4Etkt4h
How a disgraced Republican fundraiser is exposing Qatar’s shadowy lobbying offensive https://t.co/DgL8lqeuGO
American women can now get abortion pills shipped to their homes https://t.co/ot678JRBq9
GOP secretaries of state like Brian Kemp and Kris Kobach have led voter-suppression efforts. Now, Dem candidates are running to protect rather than suppress votes. These races are hugely important for voting rights and need more attention: https://t.co/6yYMc2jOcM
After Heidi Heitkamp won a Senate seat, North Dakota Republicans made it harder for Native Americans to vote https://t.co/WDImoE9Fd4
Stacey Abrams is trying to become the country’s first black female governor by boosting turnout among Democratic-leaning minority groups. Kemp’s efforts could keep that from happening. https://t.co/A4kwnIpDNH
These 32 Republicans voted to kill Obamacare. Now they say they'll protect preexisting conditions. https://t.co/lUFLkUCO1U
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