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Latest Scoops

Donald Trump once said he could learn everything he needed to know about nukes in 90 minutes https://t.co/0yULYLOyOg
400,000 scientists all over the world have been published in fake journals https://t.co/pNeK58VVOF
"It's zero hour to act on climate change." Teen activists call for action in global marches. https://t.co/110rJ5bgCg
An NRA president offered to work with accused Russian spy’s group in Moscow https://t.co/89QUyY41qT
Inside the surprisingly difficult fight for reproductive rights in one of the bluest states https://t.co/Hr7au0UCL5
“Brett Kavanaugh’s job will be to make sure the legacy of Scott Pruitt, rather than fade away from us, is preserved.” https://t.co/ReB1K7aAxB
Jeff Sessions wants to crack down on fentanyl dealers. Here's the problem with that. https://t.co/APyDt3Avq7
While you weren't looking, Trump nominated a pesticide exec to oversee science at the USDA https://t.co/isUepiu0d9
Tampa, Florida, lets feral chickens roam its streets. Really. https://t.co/yWyKw3FxDg
Tampa, Florida, is a bird sanctuary city for feral chickens https://t.co/ioUVXOw3ae
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