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Latest Scoops

Democrats are asking two Sandy Hook parents to run for Congress https://t.co/zFfNgL8aYb
The Border Patrol wants us to think its job is more dangerous than ever. It's not. https://t.co/ebSROUn09a
Tonight, LeeAnne Walters will be awarded the world's leading environmental prize for her work in Flint, MI. Here's her story: https://t.co/XB4oAnjI5r
Waffle House hero is raising money for shooting victims https://t.co/S2QGbvXIXA
Rand Paul reverses himself, agrees to support Mike Pompeo https://t.co/iG01Cs2rmH
Police seized the Waffle House suspect's guns months ago. How did he get them back? https://t.co/6PseEkHvMk
Donald Trump just undermined his own immigration agenda https://t.co/CeslLeNNoD
Raw data: How green are our cities? https://t.co/Nzzk7ftLV9 (via @kdrum)
You'll probably never save as many lives as this guy who got the Philippines to stop using lead paint https://t.co/d2yy64UNCS
Kate Nash's pop is elegant, dark, and triumphant https://t.co/lx0Yv8ksvk
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