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Our View of the Day: John Redwood of @_CharlesStanley: a new opportunity to buy #China
Our View of the Day: John Redwood of @_CharlesStanley: a new opportunity to buy #China
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Did meme review last night with Justin Roiland from @RickandMorty
OK, folks, this is potentially very serious: Trump may be about to impose tariffs on European cars in the name of national security. This would be a disaster on multiple levels 1/
Karl Lagerfeld, the German fashion designer who helped set the industry standard for 5 decades, has died at 85
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When a President of the United States asks for “retribution” against @nbcsnl and calls @FBI agents “treasonous,” one has to wonder about his faculties.
Klobuchar seems willing to say one word that often goes unspoken by presidential candidates: No. From Medicare for all to the Green New Deal to free college, she's resisted the urge to pander as she tests the balance between pragmatism and purity. #KlobucharTownHall
There can be no just Europe without an independent Ukraine. There can be no safe Europe without a safe Ukraine. To put it simply: there can be no Europe without Ukraine!
So Democrats will run on proposals to expand healthcare and child care, while the GOP screams about socialism and scary brown people. And news analyses will say that both sides are descending into the gutter.
** Working American families were promised t#GOPTaxScamhe would mean an extra $4,000 in their pockets.

Instead, too many are facing surprise tax bills and lower refunds – while corporate executives cash in on record stock buybacks.
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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders is seeking 2020 Democratic presidential nomination
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