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If your fund's star manager quits, your returns will likely be lower, writes @tBaileyBailey
Which investment trusts make it into the brokers’ 2019 model portfolios? #investments
"For me, traditional #retirement is old-fashioned and irrelevant to a fit, healthy 65-year-old who might live for another 40 years. I’d rather plan for a non-traditional, wealthy retirement, which starts with understanding the four Ms," says @VickiWusche
Single-country #funds offering footholds into continuing growth stories. "Investors cannot afford to ignore these markets", writes @hannah_fran_ #Brazil #Russia #India #China #SouthAfrica
Platform numbers: which are the best-value options for holding #InvestmentTrust portfolios of different sizes? Our heatmaps via @langcatsteve reveal all @AICPRESS
On sale now: Your Fund Choices 2019, our annual publication showcasing @MoneyObserver’s rigorously selected shortlist of Rated #funds, #trusts and #ETFs Order your copy here:
City of London becomes latest investment trust to cut fees: so why are open-ended funds not reducing their charges?

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How the #Waspi debacle could have been avoided government failed to communicate with women, says @rosaltmann
Women's state pension age increases have left thousands in poverty 'Natural decency requires parliament looks again'
State pension statements must be improved say MPs @dwppressoffice says state pension statements lack key information
Are ‘tortoise stocks’ poised to win the race in 2019? Tony Yarrow of @Wise_Funds writes
Waste not, want not: investing in the circular economy. Esmé van Herwijnen of discusses , , and
Ask Money: should I opt for gifting or a designated account in my IHT planning? @byearsley of @shoreplymouth helps a reader caught in a designated account conundrum
The cost of childcare in the UK is very high. As a result grandparents step in to look after their grandchildren so that their child (usually their daughter) can go back to work. Now these grandparents can claim a pension boost:
Interactive Investor unveils new pricing following expansion
Multi-asset funds come under fire due to 'unskilful managers'
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