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Entrepreneur, Activist and Storyteller. Father to Mateo Ali. Proud creator of #ObamaAndKids. Board member of The Trayvon Martin Fdn. Contact: info@mskolnik.com

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If TSA employees aren’t legally allowed to go on strike, then the federal government shouldn’t legally be allowed to not pay them.
Now more than ever I want to write the fatherhood book that I’ve wanted to write for years.

Hugs, Kisses And High Fives: Raising A Compassionate Son In Today’s America
I want to make documentary films again.
"Don’t count the days; make the days count.” ~Muhammad Ali
96 people dying from gun violence everyday in The United States of America is a national emergency.
p.s. anyone in the tech industry who is looking to hire recent college grads and would like me to send you her cover letter and resume, DM me your email and I will send it on Monday.
Today, I didn't do anything special. I took a meeting. An hour of my day. I did what all of us who've had a little success in life should do. Uplift the next generation. Believe in them. Mentor them.

I have been blessed with amazing mentors in my life. Just paying it forward.
I told her to work on her resume and cover letter this weekend (incorporating the notes we went over during today’s meeting) and come back to my office on Monday and I would send it out to 20 people personally.

I was incredibly inspired by her determination and resilience.
She told me she sent her resume around to a number of companies and got no response.

We sat for 20 minutes and worked on her resume. And then another 20 minutes on her cover letter. And then 10 more minutes on her confidence.

She majors in computer science and economics.
I asked her how many people she had reached out to of the people whose business cards she kept...she said every single one. And all she asked for was a chance to sit down and ask for advice. Wasn’t even asking for a job.

And I was the only one who responded.
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