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Miami Herald
there was no love when a valentines day cruise arrived in cuba it was turned away
There was no love when a Valentine’s Day cruise arrived in Cuba. It was turned away.
there was no love when a valentines day cruise arrived in cuba it was turned away


@ICC 1 hour
sri lanka win the toss and elect to bat in the first women s t20i against england slveng
Sri Lanka win the toss and elect to bat in the first women's T20I against England.

@ufc 2 hours
showtime showtimepettis ufcnashville

@ShowtimePettis #UFCNashville
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Miami HEAT
an amazing scene in washington as exits the nation s capital for the final time thank you you were amazing ton
An amazing scene in Washington as @DwyaneWade exits the nation's capital for the final time.

Thank you, #HEATNATIONinDC! You were amazing tonight inside Capital One Arena. Your cheers, chants and support were appreciated and much needed! #HEATCulture
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For The Win
this photo of zion williamson and rj barrett belongs in a museum
This photo of Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett belongs in a museum
an unorthodox pass but hey it worked
An unorthodox pass, but hey, it worked. 🤷‍♂️
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ATP World Tour
if you re loving watching davidferrer87 turn back the clock tonight miamiopen
✊ if you're loving watching @DavidFerrer87 turn back the clock tonight!

@NBA 2 hours
after scoring a season high 21 pts dirk nowitzki receives a standing ovation at oracle arena
After scoring a season-high 21 PTS, Dirk Nowitzki receives a standing ovation at Oracle Arena!
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Bleacher Report
ice trae
Ice Trae ❄️
Bleacher Report
kd when asked about dirks farewell tour has dirk retired yet i feel like everybodys pushing him out the league
KD when asked about Dirk’s farewell tour: “Has Dirk retired yet? I feel like everybody’s pushing him out the league”

(via @loganmmurdock)
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Yahoo Sports
auburn is taking it to kansas via marchmadness
Auburn is taking it to Kansas 😳

(via @marchmadness)
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Michael Lee
so i guess i should be proud zion referenced a song that was released when he was 3 doesnt mean hes too young
@highkin So I guess I should be proud Zion referenced a song that was released when he was 3? Doesn’t mean he’s too young for a history lesson now. This was my jam back in the day. Listened to it everyday before school, back in 1993
Wes Gilbertson
if i recall correctly markus granlund was riding bikes in la with mikael backlund on day he was traded by to c
If I recall correctly, Markus Granlund was riding bikes in LA with Mikael Backlund on day he was traded by #Flames to Canucks. There's a useless fact I just remembered after that hit. So there you go ...
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