Latest Scoops
Never played this video game
LMAO! Showing this to everybody at the bar!
It takes some guts to wear that thing in public...
When you've had one too many drinks
You'll never see watermelons the same.
Well now I want a selfie with a Kangaroo...
20 minutes into "Netflix and Chill"
You may be cool...
When course material turns into fap material.
How to transport kitties
This is me all of October...
Learning material for the true butt connoisseur.
When somebody asks you a stupid question
It's #Saturday! Time to drown myself in beer, football, and GUAC!

Get your shirt NOW!
Birthdays: Guys vs. Girls
lol this celebration!
Me too...
Butt implants have officially crossed the batshit insane line.
The shower is almost like a bong hit.
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