11 months
Every morning of my life... http://t.co/MSrj7OE9Fd
Every morning of my life... http://t.co/MSrj7OE9Fd
Entertainment - Scoops of the Day
Happy Memorial Day & a huge thank u to all those who have served us & sacrificed it all just to keep us safe
23 hours
if i was a drink
22 hours
This is what I want
5 hours
You give me something to think about, that's not the shit in my head
13 hours
Enjoy the simple things in life, just like this pig!
She said this is her first time...
22 hours
When you have to walk by a group of guys and pretend you didn't hear them ask "how you doing"
21 hours
Mcdonalds worker:"I'm a magician & can make the penny disappear under the water bottle. look for it in the bottle"
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