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5 months
Every morning of my life...
Every morning of my life...
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9 minutes
Kids these days will never know...
1 hour
Who would name somebody that?!?!
2 hours
If you butt dial me...
3 hours
This phone has it all...
3 hours
And these lines WORKED for some of these guys!
4 hours
When puberty does a great f'n job...
5 hours
Hopefully there is enough to drink enough to deal with the family I am thankful for...
7 hours
This is so accurate it's not even funny...
15 hours
Ladies, explain this to me...
17 hours
She totally looks like Jafar!
18 hours
Shark farts - never not funny.
19 hours
What I sound like when I try to speak Spanish.
21 hours
Is it Thanksgiving yet?
22 hours
I’m pretty good at keeping my shit together. Until there’s a bee around.