Every morning of my life... http://t.co/MSrj7OE9Fd
Every morning of my life... http://t.co/MSrj7OE9Fd
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Seriously though, where can I find this dog?

Hope for humanity is being destroyed one selfie at a time. https://t.co/bxCVECey7e
How to make your own realistic talking Donald Trump puppet

2016 is like a month away and I still think 2008 was like two years ago.
Is anybody surprised?

Every morning at work...
Turns out PornHub isn't a collection of realistic documentaries. https://t.co/j3pKAoMDri
This is so accurate.
Get out the fire extinguisher. https://t.co/22hgbFQd38
Beginning of the relationship vs. 1 year in...
Some people need to stay out of the gym

Gotta love "The Arch"

Seems like a good plan to us. https://t.co/he98j6LkO1
When you're at the game and she finally texts you back

When your mom says Pizza Rolls for dinner

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