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The irony of President Trump saying Vlad's offer to let Mueller interrogate his guys if they could come here and interrogate their target... @realDonaldTrump called it "an incredible offer" - which means... not credible.
.@amazon crashing like so many toddlers after a Halloween sugar-high #PrimeDay2018
Pretty great moment to be on ⁦@OutnumberedFNC⁩ with ⁦@HARRISFAULKNER⁩ ⁦@dagenmcdowell⁩ ⁦@RCamposDuffy⁩ #TrumpQueenMeet
#TrumpBaby reminds me of the giant inflatable rat unions put outside biz's in NYC to shame them. I always take my smaller kids to see it- we wave/smile. I know they are going for insult but it has a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade feel. Not sure it achieves what they're going for.
"The first I said when I saw her was I want to apologize.... I said wonderful things..." 1) I don't think I've ever heard @realDonaldTrump apologize and 2) will the rest of the media report that? re: Theresa May headline on Brexit
To be clear… #TheresaMay wanted the President to lie about how he felt about her approach Brexit. And he wasn’t willing to lie. I guess #TheResistance & thi#NeverTrumpersnks lying & diplomacy and the same thing. cc: on @marthamaccallum#UKtrumpvisit
WATCH: GOP Rep. Makes Strzok Hold Dramatic Re-enactment of His Anti-Trump Texts https://t.co/osv21dnUsy via @mediaite
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