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The Official Twitter Account for Melissa Francis. News anchor, mom, slurpee drinker, best selling author.

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I’m fairly certain this is safer than it looks.
I’m fairly certain this is safer than
Kind of a strange outcome from the pumpkin patch.
.@FoxNews partnering w/ National Merit Scholarship Program to establish the Dr. Charles Krauthammer Memorial Scholarship, The scholarship will be awarded to children of FNC and FOX Business Network employees beginning in 2020. thanks @Suzannescott thoughtful tribute!
First day of school… Feeling so cool!
My favorite moment from #NFLSunday - Backup QB from Harvard saves the day and wins the game! #Bucs
Thank you to everyone who donated to me for 2018 Komen Greater New York City Race for the Cure. And for everyone else, it's not too late! I can fundraise through October 31 so please donate and help me run breast cancer out of town!
I made the most delicious lunch, and then forgot it on the kitchen counter. I hate you #Monday.
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