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Mother, TV Producer, Red Carpet Fashion Expert & New York Times Best Selling Author

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RIP Karl Lagerfeld. A true fashion icon and a man who made every day 'Love Your Pet Day'.
I hope your Valentine’s Day brings you as much joy as flowers bring me. Sending you love & happiness.
Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. – Harriet Beecher Stowe
I’m so glad that I was a part of history last week at the unveiling of @DidiHirsch’s new Suicide Prevention Center. This is such an important step in erasing the stigma of mental illness and bringing suicide out of the shadows!
Something new for your cup of coffee @TheLittleMarket. One can never have too many mugs!
The holidays can be year round if you keep rocking your Christmas pajamas, right?

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Loved having @AllyBrooke with us on @e_FashionPolice last night! #fashionpolice
It's official. @Joan_Rivers has turned in to lacrosse (grand) mom! Carrying own chair! #hellfrozenover
As my son Cooper and I mourn the loss of my mother, we want to thank everyone for the beautiful cards and flowers co…
#TBT Before Mom had cataract surgery she thought this was a mother-daughter pic. She told the dolphin to say cheese.
My mom and her friend, the late, great, Aretha Franklin. Another legend has joined what must be the best party ever. #RestInPeace #QueenofSoul #RESPECT #ArethaFranklin
“Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work” Airs Tonight on PBS. Check your local listings.
Today would have been my best friend's 83rd birthday. Words can not express how much I miss her. . .
Eyes speak volumes; don’t let Chronic Dry Eye send the wrong message. Find & help raise $25k 4 #ad
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