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Official Twitter account of the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 Team, giving exclusive access to the team and drivers.

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Our fans mean the world to us. 🧡🌍 So we thought we'd surprise some of them the night before our #MCL34 launch. Watch to see what happened. 👀 #FearlesslyForward
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@Nintyworldchamp Check out for all of the benefits, but we regularly hold events, experiences and competitions for our McLaren Plus subscribers. 👍 We’ll look forward to seeing you at the next McLaren Plus MTC tour too, of course!
Our line-up for the first week of pre-season testing. 👊 #F1Testing

Monday ➡️ @carlosainz
Tuesday ➡️
We@LandoNorrisdnesday ➡️ Carlos
Thursday ➡️ Lando
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Take another look at the lids that @Carlossainz55 and @LandoNorris will be sporting this season. 🤩👌
A fitting end to #MCL34 launch day at McLaren HQ. 🧡🧡
"It has been my busiest winter ever." 💪 @LandoNorris talks about all things #MCL34 and his preparations ahead of the 2019 season. #FearlesslyForward
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"It is a new team, it is a new car... but I already feel at home." 🧡 @carlosainz shares his thoughts after la#MCL34unch day. 📣 #FearlesslyForward
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#McLarenDrivers2015 confirmed: Fernando Alonso & Jenson Button, the new era of McLaren-Honda:
RT this post for your chance to win a super-rare #McLarenGoldenTicket to attend our 2017 car launch at #MTC. Mondays never looked so good. 💪
He’s done it! WINS the 24 Hours of Le Mans! 🏁🏆 Congratulations to him and his Toyota teammates. 👏 #LeMans24
Our 2019 contender, the #MCL34, in all of her Papaya and Vega Blue glory. 🧡💙

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This awesome tribute to @alo_oficial from @F1 really is a must watch. 👀

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24 years ago we lost a racing icon, champion and friend. Always remembered, forever in our hearts. #SempreSenna 🇧🇷
Feel free to pop in and say "hi" any time, @LewisHamilton!
McLaren Racing today confirms that double F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso will not race in Formula 1 in 2019.
The guys and girls of McLaren have been taking language lessons in preparation for 2018… 🔊😉 #VamosFernando
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