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It’s snowing in NY and the whole city feels like it’s shutting down. Why is that ? Doesn’t it snow here a lot?
MLK-- “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Not good enough answer Cliff. As a nation or as individuals, we cant just stand by idly when human rights abuses happen and just blame it on the "jungle." We support that jungle like behavior if we do nothing.https://t.co/L3KWnkumNc
Just read Bob Kagan’s The Jungle Grows Back. I highly recommend!
The world, including President Trump, should be pressing for a UN investigation of the #Khashoggi assassination.
Fair point. But Pelosi just helped to deliver a major victory. 3 days before the election, I listend her walk through almost EVERY close race around the country (off the top of her head) & predicted almost the exact # of flips. Candidates did the big work, but she & DCCC helped.https://t.co/KLdiBij8ns
Thanks @ZoeLofgren for the central role you played in helping to deliver the Blue Wave in California.
Heading over to 30 Rock to do @11thHour tonight— in the studio for a change !
Agreed. And why do Dem calls for generational leadership change these days only focus on @NancyPelosi and not @SenSchumer ? Im not in that chorus, but I do find this singular focus on her striking (especially after she just helped to produce victory in the House ! )https://t.co/Z1P4yzk49z
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