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In public, I questioned the selection of companies controlled by Deripaska and Vekselberg in the first place. I didn't understand why them and not others. (Testified on the subject in US Senate) But once sanctions in place, cant be lifted until change in Putin behavior.https://t.co/G8wzHyaOER
From @brett_mcgurk , the USG official formerly in charge of the fight against ISIS. Shocking. "Trump said he beat ISIS. Instead, he’s giving it new life." https://t.co/Y4nbehA0lp
FOX News defends Trump's reported consideration of leaving NATO https://t.co/amvRPN7jzU via @YahooNews
This is big: "President Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project" https://t.co/jcLOI4rURC via @JasonLeopold
On my twitter feed this week, I have had people say Obama was not tough on Russia AND Obama was too tough on Russia, both as explanations for our current troubles w/ Moscow. Get FROM COLD WAR TO HOT PEACE to take a deeper dive into this issue: https://t.co/rxksoWaph4
And if lifting of sanctions on Deripaska is just SOP for Treasury in this instance, why did foreign agent spend a half million dollars lobbying USG to get it done? https://t.co/PCclUIvv3E via @OpenSecretsDChttps://t.co/35CWOf9KBJ
And it is naive beyond belief to argue that this reduction in Deripaska's formal ownership will actually reduce his de facto control of these companies. (again, as if the American people should care about that issue in the first place). He also will make more money in long run.https://t.co/kxVMAcUJO7
I know the Treasury line well. But explain to me me what American national security interest was advanced by reducing Deripaska's ownership (but not control) of his companies? Sanctions are a tool to change a foreign government's behavior. Corporate governance at RUSAL not that.https://t.co/yofrYECu0m
I've discussed many times with him. I'm asking you. (You were the one here in Twitter who suggested that I was not expert enough on sanctions)https://t.co/oifdy3UN7w
Steel and aluminum tariffs remain a headache despite Trump's trade deal with Mexico and Canada https://t.co/530t4te8qQ
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