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wow. Not good. 30 million Facebook users had their data harvested by Trump campaign affiliate https://t.co/DzKgnsVVQO by @Schwartzesque
I missed the explanation from Trump tonight of how cutting corporate taxes from 35& to 15 % was going to help workers in Pennsylvania.
Watching Trump tonight, I miss George W. Bush, George HW Bush, and Ronald Reagan
Trump said nothing tonight to appeal to Americans who didn't vote for him. Not trying at all to be a president for all Americans. Oh well
Why is everyone criticizing Trump for doing so little in a 100 days? Im delighted !
Horrible. Why doesn't Putin government condemn this, arrest someone? "Moscow Activist Blinded in Chemical Attack: https://t.co/zAy9ObCmTK
In Case You Forgot: "Article 31. Citizens of the Russian Federation shall have the right to gather peacefully..."
Is Trump learning — or ad-libbing — on foreign policy? - https://t.co/eC4Xa0frNw
жалко что Путин меня не пустил.
жалко что Путин меня не пустил.
Want to come work with me @FSIStanford ? Apply here: https://t.co/vWQm3UH0LG
My latest @washingtonpost column:
Opinion | Is Trump learning — or ad-libbing — on foreign policy? https://t.co/2KUwVN7KSB
In his 100 days, what has Trump done (or proposed to do) to improve lives of white, male, blue-collar, Midwest workers? Serious question.
Amazing. What would Reagan say?
Great day for @StanfordFball ! Congrats @SollyThomas90 & @CMcCaffrey5 !
Best thing 49ers have done in years! San Francisco 49ers take DE Solomon Thomas of Stanford with third pick https://t.co/2dGbhyD0Hi
Congrats @SollyThomas90 !!! So happy for you!
This statement by Professor Andrew Reynolds about the illegitimacy of "Dr." Gorka's PhD is quite compelling. Read and decide.https://t.co/kBFfItI59g
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