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Founder of @moneysavingexp and @mmhpi. Money tips, bad puns, Q&As, polls, athletics & MCFC musings. Mrs MSE's husband, Sapphire's daddy. My hero? Sheldon!

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Key #martinlewis @itvMLshow links 3:

To check all three credit agencies for free use

1. https://t.co/5tAk2vEpw4 for Experian,

2. https://t.co/pER2hUZoSs for Equifax,

3. https://t.co/Ya309iOhOE for transunion
Key #martinlewis @itvMLshow links 2:
Full help on

1. Mortgage best buy comparison https://t.co/HHXkZP7GZz

2. My free guide to remortgaging: https://t.co/Y5D1Q9289d

3. 8 key mortgage calculators https://t.co/2wvQr11r9X
Key #martinlewis @itvMLshow links 1:

Full help on
1. LISAs https://t.co/LvRLuWOonN

2. Help to Buy ISAs: https://t.co/mbCSDGOA0T

3. Getting first mortgage: https://t.co/pBIu2GzKVm

4. Getting credit card to (re)build credit score https://t.co/C9NJXar3ho
Right folks. I'm going to stop as my RSI is starting to trigger after doing all these replies. My next post will be key links - the info covers 99% of the questions I've been asked. So do check them out

Folks just to say I am drowning in questions they're coming in far quicker than i can answer them. I'm going to do 50 or so more then I will post key links (based on what you're asking)

Hello to everyone who's just come on here after the show. I will do my best to bash through your questions for the next 15mins. Excuse typos etc as I have to do it at speed #martinlewis
Mortgage best buy comparison tool here... https://t.co/HHXkZP7GZz

Mortgage calculator here... https://t.co/2wvQr11r9X

Just to clarify - when I say Help to Buy ISAs close - I mean close to new applicants #martinlewis
My free PDF guide for first time buyers... https://t.co/pBIu2GzKVm

My free PDF guide on how to remortgage to get the cheapest deal... https://t.co/Y5D1Q9289d

Full help on LISAs here... https://t.co/LvRLuWOonN

And on Help to Buy ISAs here... https://t.co/mbCSDGOA0T

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