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Could this be the most important economic chart of the century? https://t.co/jvQxl8bmAt
Could this be the most important economic chart of the century? https://t.co/jvQxl8bmAt


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In just over a month, #Greece will complete its 3rd & final bailout. This has prompted much discussion about the exit terms & if those in 2014 were better. compare@YiannisMouzakiss the two & shows why there's not much to shout about https://t.co/Z7ko69yXEQ
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NATO is effectively over if the president of the United States can not reasonably be trusted to uphold article 5.

Do you really believe Trump would agree to go to war with Russia at this point if they rolled into Europe?
Interesting angle to the 'Trumputin' narrative - Russia dumps nearly all its US Treasury holdings, at least $65B in March-May, and is no longer among top 33 holders of US bonds. Likely a factor behind 10y yield rise to 7-yr high of 3.10% in May. Chart via https://t.co/47kQXAl8X5
Berkshire Hathaway eliminates a restriction on its ability to buy back its own stock, a change that could help Chairman Warren Buffett deploy more of the conglomerate’s cash https://t.co/ZFt1BrF1Rg $BRKa
Today marks what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. We celebrate Mandela for his lifelong devotion to the social and economic emancipation of #Africa. #BeTheLegacy #Mandela100 #MandelaDay
@UBS Today's Beige Book (an economist's gossip magazine of anecdote) may be a more important focus for markets looking for the effects of trade taxes and uncertainty. #forex #fx #forextradingt#ForexTraderr#FXTradera#FXTradingding
I don’t really understand why this exchange in the press conference isn’t the main story:
“REPORTER: Did you want President Trump to win the election and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?
PUTIN: Yes, I did. Yes, I did.”
$2778 #Champion REIT 1 director bought: A director at Champion Real Estate Investment Trust bought 650,000 shares at 5.249HKD and the significance rating of the trade was 59/100. Is that information sufficient for you to make an investment decision? This… https://t.co/SotMC0k6C7
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