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Could this be the most important economic chart of the century? https://t.co/jvQxl8bmAt
Could this be the most important economic chart of the century? https://t.co/jvQxl8bmAt


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$CWEB is the most established -- er, full-spectrum hemp oil-- although the stock only has about a month of price history. Decent enough chart for what it is, this is likely the brand champion at the moment. /position $CWEB.CA $CWBHF
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And that's all for this week folks..baby #2 is on the way!
From 2003 to 2014, the circulation of local newspapers decreased by 27%, and statehouse reporters decreased by 35%.

How this affects local government finance: https://t.co/r5uIIZyZil
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“We have to keep going back to the fact that this president does not understand his role. He thinks he’s just one of FOX viewers,” says political scientist @Dr_CMGreer

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