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This D.C. lawyer is suing his former girlfriend for the return of a $100,000 engagement ring https://t.co/ZyL3YabUpF
“The Justice Department should back off its unseemly political attacks on social media platforms,” a tech industry group wrote https://t.co/Lz1loepQtL
This soap opera of a lawsuit will remind you that you can't put a price on love... but you can put a price on the breakup. https://t.co/qtsXGyZZkj
Reality check: Here’s what the average retiree spends every month https://t.co/LtFFah1un4
LOTS of people are thinking they're going to become instant millionaires... many will end up losing their shirts. https://t.co/41MAc7vzQ9 via @TheAroraReport
The risk of a Trump impeachment is not that he would be kicked out of office, says @ThePolForum https://t.co/8CjfHePqYm
10 ‘poor man’s habits’ that anyone looking to save a buck could probably use https://t.co/oirOkRzZuO
U.S. stock investors are about to witness something that’s hasn’t been seen in decades: the creation of a new market sector https://t.co/xhsDZA3AW0
AMD picked up a new fan today, and investors went... https://t.co/o2I1uyEHnG
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Try this two-income strategy and you could retire with millions https://t.co/YtiUaIeNxn
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