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Senior U.S. Senator, Virginia. Previous: Serial entrepreneur, business guy, His Excellency the 69th Governor of the Commonwealth of Va.

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Craft breweries trying to open shop or release new beers stand to lose money every day this pointless shutdown goes on.
The President has boxed himself into a corner with the government shutdown, and federal workers and contractors are suffering the consequences.
A reminder that the Trump Administration is actively working to roll back contraceptive coverage for thousands of women across the country.
It's clear that the president’s sole concern is choosing a new attorney general who will shield him from the special counsel’s investigation. https://t.co/zVvGEj8gM1
A vacation, except instead of the beach, you spend it wondering how you’ll pay your mortgage.
Want a debate on border security? Let's have at it. While we're having that debate, let's reopen the government.
History will show that President Trump, the supposed great dealmaker, is a truly inept negotiator. He's backed himself into a corner and thousands of federal workers and contractors are suffering as a result.
I'm all for additional border security. But that ought to be driven by the experts, not by the President's campaign promise that Mexico was somehow going to build us a wall. This guy doesn't tell the truth.
It’s official: this is the longest shutdown in U.S. History. It’s time for the President to re-open the government.
These are real people who are really struggling because of this shutdown. It’s time for the President to end this.
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