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#Founder and #President of @TheJHF #Advocate, #Actor, #Director, #Producer #Har4Ham

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No surprise that our #FamilyFave @Gustafer is the current #1 Family/Kids Best Seller on #AudibleOriginal @audible_com. Highly recommend #ImFromTheSun. #Enjoy #GustaferGreatness https://t.co/t3UZOQhx46
There is never, ever any justification whatsoever for assault. No one has a right to someone else. No one has entitlement to others, and no one belongs to anyone else. The dialogue needs to change. The sense of ownership needs to disappear. Our culture needs healing. #UprisingSVU
It's time to end misogyny, time to end entitlement. #UprisingSVU
When misogyny strikes, #SVU strikes back. #UprisingSVU
Tomorrow, Wednesday October 10th, my friends and fierce allies at @theselect7 & @maisonmarchestyle are hosting an all-day shopping event at in @BaccaratHotelsNYC to benefit . If@TheJHF you can, please go see them and join in on this great cause. Follow for@theselect7 details
Thank you #RichardSweren and @svuceline for highlighting this important topic with your typical elegant combination of passion, heart, activism, and as always backed up by the truth we hold self-evident that we are all created equal.
If this is who we are, it’s not who we need to be. #SVUWithoutBorders
We are not voiceless. We are not helpless. When we move in solidarity with those unjustly treated, when we stand up for what we believe in, when we vote, when we show up, when we follow our hearts, we can make positive, necessary change. This is not over. #SVUWithoutBorders
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