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#IAmEvidence has won the DuPont Cloumbia Award. Thank u very much, Im humbled by this prestigious honor. Congrats Sheila Nevins,Nancy Abraham,@HBODocs,Trish Adlesic,Geeta Gandbhir. And congrats to all the winners. Survivor voices r being heard #ETB #UMATTER #TESTTHEKITS #HBODocs
Im so grateful to the DuPont Columbia Awards for this incredible honor. My deepest congratulations to my @IAMEVIDENCEmov family who came together on this journey, who bravely documented the truth for all to see, hear, and believe. Thank you. #ENDTHEBACKLOG
If we could be more inclusive children, we’d all be better adults — tear down fences, pull each other in. Deeply moved by your beautiful film #GastonGorali @juancampanella @AbelGoldfarb @MundolocoCGI @fundacionian
https://t.co/PuwVy9ZsyA #InclusionRules_IanFilm
Privileged to use my voice in this pivotal moment of coverage for the rape kit backlog. Thank you for your reporting. #EndTheBacklog#SupportSurvivorshttps://t.co/xtE9tpGvUk
Evidence destroyed is justice denied. Destroying rape kits before testing tells survivors that they don't matter—that what happened to them doesn't matter. It does. We must test all rape kits, #EndTheBacklog, and #SupportSurvivors. https://t.co/Okzpd1lQOU
Shame isn't on you.
This isn't your fault.

I spy with my little eye... #RBG

AN OUTRAGE. A TRAVESTY. A DISGRACE. First, the backlog of untested
rape kits—just the outrageous fact that it exists—and now this..... #EndTheBacklog
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