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Ticket Information.

USA PRE-SALE: Tomorrow from 12pm EST. You will get emailed your code first thing in the morning.

UK PRE-SALE: Wednesday 20th from 9am GMT. You will get emailed your code Tuesday evening.

Yeah we will try plan one for November. Too early to plan yet though
If you live in n America, join mailing list. If you live in UK, preorder
LOVE + FEAR tour general sale from Feb 22nd.
UK tour pre sale is Wednesday Feb 20th. Pre-order LOVE + FEAR for your early access code.

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Just found out the world doesn't revolve around me. Shocked & upset.
A lot of depressed people don’t act depressed.
My new album is called ‘LOVE + FEAR’.
Two 8 track collections that form a set.

Out April 26th.
A message for our mutual fans. Surprise! ✨💕💋 @lanadelrey
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I block people because I love myself. 🙂
Some people on here act as if they’ve never done anything bad or said something stupid before...
Some of the ways that women are shamed.
All I want for Christmas is you! Lol. Just kidding. Give me Diamonds.
We are diamond girls in a rhinestone world
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