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Maria Bartiromo
happening now we now find that adam schiff met was glenn simpson last year why did he fight telling us who pai
Happening now: "We now find that Adam Schiff met was Glenn simpson last year. Why did he fight telling us who paid for the dossier. He shd hold himself to same standard. He shd recuse himself from russia probe" - @GOPLeader @SundayFutures @FoxNews @kevinomccarthy
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Margrethe Vestager
the third case is fined 149bn for illegal practices in search advertising brokering to cement its dominant mar
The third @google case: @google is fined €1,49bn for illegal practices in search advertising brokering to cement its dominant market position. They shouldn’t do that - it denied consumers choice, innovative products and fair prices.
Alan Beattie
no one could have predicted this
The Economist
as the world heats up hurricanes will get worse
As the world heats up, hurricanes will get worse
Video player
@Airbus 28 minutes
konichiwa today is delivery day for as they ll receive their first join us in one hour from now to watch the d
Konichiwa! Today is delivery 📦 day for @FlyANA_official as they'll receive their first #A380! Join us in one hour from now to watch the delivery ceremony LIVE. #FLYINGHONU
Yahoo Finance
what disney gets as its 713b buy of fox assets closes
What Disney gets as its $71.3B buy of Fox assets closes
@business 59 minutes
these are the world s happiest countries 1 finland 2 denmark 3 norway 4 iceland 5 netherlands 19 us
These are the world's happiest countries:
1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. Iceland
5. Netherlands
19. U.S.
Bloomberg Markets
bmw warned earnings will fall well below last years level
BMW warned earnings will fall “well below” last year’s level
@business 11 minutes
just in google is fined 17 billion by the eu after what the bloc s antitrust chief margrethe vestager describe
JUST IN: Google is fined $1.7 billion by the EU after what the bloc's antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager described as misconduct that lasted over 10 years
breaking niravmodi arrested in london tv reports
#BREAKING: #NiravModi arrested in London (TV Reports)
@tictoc 1 hour
theresa may won t ask the eu for a long brexit delay her spokesman says
Theresa May won't ask the EU for a long Brexit delay, her spokesman says
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