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I'm Peggy Hughes, a Shortfin Mako shark weighing 1000+ pounds. Despite my girth, I swim far and fast, shredding the sweet swells of the Gulf. @OCEARCH

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Los tiburones no son a lo que más deberíamos temer.
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In no way are sharks what we should be fearing the most.
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Let’s have a shark pumpkin contest.

(Not ❤️admin - dangerous with knives)
Did u know the author of JAWS became a vocal advocate for marine conservation?

Peter Benchley is best known for writing the novel JAWS & co-writing its film adaptation.

He regretted writing the book & similar material about sharks, which he felt encouraged fear and culling.
Amazing footage of a 4 meter GREAT WHITE NOPE!

The tour guide just about lost his shiny GoPro to this curious little spitfire.

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This octopus is F I E R C E

(No idea why I employed weird spacing up there - it’s like ❤️admin’s a cheerleader. Eww)
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Diver Rick Anderson has a best friend in a 6 foot Port Jackson shark near New South Wales, AU.

He started playing with her 7 years ago when she was a 6 inch long pup.

Now, every season she swims up to him for a cuddle.

❤️admin wants a shark cuddle, but not with Big Peg.

can suffer, grieve, feel pain, sense, perceive, reason, think

Do u think sharks are sentient beings?

❤️admin would love to hear your thoughts.

Big Peg said she doesn’t give “a barnacle’s backside - which makes no sense, but we will go with it, k?
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Nothing to see here, folks

Move along, now
This gorgeous, curious male orca broke off from his pod to swim around these thrilled boaters. He spent quite some time - 2 hours - being curious and then rejoined his
famn damily.

Dang, they must have been ticked off! Like DUDE!

In the Sea of Cortez
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Missed a Spot:

Sea lion pups roll in sand to protect themselves from the sun.
Please don’t blame Big Peg & friends for a negative shark encounter.

Many sharks rocket from below to get prey. This is why you shouldn’t swim in a area known to have lots of seals, or swim in murky water.

As an aside, Big Peg says ❤️admin resembles the sea turtle.

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