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Intel Anticipating Apple Mac Shift to Custom ARM-Based Chips as Soon as in 2020 #AppleNews
Latest #ApplePay Promo Save $5 Off on Purchase of 2 Movie Tickets Through Fandango
Apple’s App Store Has Paid Out Over $25 Billion to European Developers Since 2008
Apple Drops From 1st to 17th on Fast Company’s 2019 ‘Most Innovative Companies’ List
Gartner Says 2018 iPhone Holiday Sales Experienced Biggest Sales Decline Since Q1 2016 #applenews
Apple’s Safari Technology Preview 76 Brings the Usual Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Fold, Its New $1,980 Foldable Smartphone
Qualcomm is Once Again Calling for a U.S. Import Ban on iPhones With Intel Modems
New #AppleWatch Series 4 ‘Flight’ Ad Spot Highlights ‘The Freedom of Cellular’

The Most Relevant

Apple Website Leak Confirms iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR Names for New iPhones, Their Colors, and Their Storage Capacities #AppleNews
Yes! New York and these states to sue against FCC's #NetNeutrality decision
-North Carolina
Apple Launches New Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max & XR #applenews
Apple has confirmed That watchOS 5.1.2 - which will enable the ECG capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 4 - will be released to the public today. #applenews
Somewhere Steve Jobs is Smiling, as Adobe Finally Gives up on Flash
How to Watch Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ iPhone Event on Wednesday #AppleNews
iOS 12.1.4 Update Now Available – Fixes Group FaceTime and Newly Discovered Live Photos Vulnerabilities #AppleNews
Apple Releases iOS 12 Shortcuts App User Guide, Highlights Shortcuts App as App of the Day #AppleNews
If a new report is to be believed, the much-rumored 12.9-inch “iPad Pro” could see a November launch
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