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"She's someone I've been in love with since I was 22 years old."


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This Iron Age neck-ring is one of the most elaborate golden objects from ancient Britain. Known as the Snettisham Great Torc, it is made from just over a kilo of gold mixed with silver ✨

Buried around 75 BC, the torc was found in 1950 in Norfolk, England
5⃣ reasons why @BTS_twt stands apart from the pack and why they're unlikely to slow down any time soon.
Meet the 🐷 who thinks he's a 🐱 (via @boochaces)
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To the boy we've always loved. Jesus returns in this week's episode of @GoodTrouble. Don't miss it Tuesday at 8/7c on @FreeformTV.
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What is it about @BTS_twt that has America in such a frenzy? 🎶

We have 5⃣ reasons. 👇👇👇
Day 2 of filming the next @JeffreeStar series and I think I said “WHAT THE FUCK JEFFREE?!” more in one day than I did in the entire last series. 😱🤯💄
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WOW! There is currently a 17 °C difference between the top and tail of the UK 🌡️Some parts of northwest Scotland have remained above 14 °C throughout the night - that's more like the daytime highs expected in June 🌡️
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