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Excuse me, excuse me. Royalty coming through. 😘 @BTS_twt #GRAMMYs #TearItUpBTS
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Excuse me, excuse me. Royalty coming through. 😘 @BTS_twt #GRAMMYs #TearItUpBTS
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Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart have both earned a Guinness World Record.
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Before the hearing began Mark Harris was demanding he be certified as the winner of the election

Then his son testified

Now HARRIS says there should be a new election
#iKON x Samsung #GalaxyS10 Launch Event at Singapore

Hello Singapore,
iKON has come to Singapore all the way from South Korea in order to meet the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10!

#TeamGalaxy #SamsungSG #dontmissout #specialgift #guesswho #iKONIKIK
[Voice Teaser #05]
Debut Celebration Show
Presented by #Mnet
19.03.04 7PM Mnet Live on Air
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Team Khloe Kardashian's happiness. ❀
Chicago Police on Jussie Smollett: We have the check that Jussie sent the 2 brothers in the attack -- WATCH LIVE HERE:
California love with @NipseyHussle and @LaurenLondon
Ryu Joon Yeol boasts about being friends with Suho to a hardcore EXO fan in Cuba
Here's what to do if you see a dog left outside in the cold — you can save a life!
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