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Did any group have a bigger 2018 than @BTS_twt???? 💜
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Did any group have a bigger 2018 than @BTS_twt???? 💜

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In a fact check of President Trump's claim that there are high numbers of undocumented immigrants committing crimes and in prison, @Yamiche finds the president is "making claims that are simply not true."
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“I hadn’t seen a lot of young African-American women be love interests, especially on such a... popular show like Boy Meets World… There was a part of me that felt beautiful & desirable, just like Angela (@realtrinamcgee)” — @CW_TheFlash star @candicekp #BlackHistoryMonth
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Something Good—Negro Kiss was our first on-screen representation of #blacklove and it happened in 1898.

Slavery was abolished in 1865, so that means these individuals were possibly born into slavery and yet their love stood the test of time.
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Baz Luhrmann teases collaboration with Korean superstars @BTS_twt
The tuxedos @BTS_twt wore to the #Grammys were classic, but carried a powerful meaning.
Just 2 hours to go!! 🙊🙊
Keep voting using #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX
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.@JacksonWang852 joins @NerDiRich in-studio tonight at 9PM PT 🎙!

Who’s listening in? #JacksonWang
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No matter what happens, you guys have been completely amazing and we are so blessed to have such dedicated and loyal fans. We <3 each and every single one of you mixers! THANK YOU. 💘💘
Here’s the #ThinkAboutUsVideo
We hope you like it.
The girls x
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The Democrats are investigating Trump’s use of the National Emergencies Act yet they said nothing on all those occasions when Obama used it. They even defend DACA when it is clearly unconstitutional. Dangerous clowns.

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Five years ago, Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram attacked a school in Chibok, Nigeria and kidnapped 276 girls. After years of negotiations, fewer than half have been released. Sunday, a rare interview with some of the Chibok girls.
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