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"The big change in the Executive order is that children who enter the country with their parents will be allowed to go to jail with their parents."

— @Lawrence takes a closer look at Trump's Executive order and notices a possible loophole. https://t.co/oycrnO37sz
Michael Cohen's friends are appearing to hint that he may cooperate with federal investigators. https://t.co/tt4ePA2xPU
"Any administration that was cavalier enough to strip these families apart thinking that the American public wouldn't care, why would we trust that they would be diligent in trying to reconnect parents with kids?"

— Sen. Tim Kaine https://t.co/HrbYcGk1i3
Whether by politics, business, protest, leaks to the media, or donations to advocacy groups, @maddow is seeing that Americans are finding more ways to defy Trump's family separation policy. https://t.co/oFDJqftxC2
Watch @chrislhayes explore the before and after of President Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy with an Assistant Federal Defender in Texas. https://t.co/gwKLawIBfW
"The boy was simply snatched from his arms without any explanation."

— An El Salvadorian mother tells Trymaine Lee that it took her 85 days to get her son back from the U.S. Government when he was taken from her husband at the border. https://t.co/76eEDvdZ3c n
"Where is the evidence of a terrorist using a child to get across the border. I would like to see some evidence on that."

— @chrislhayes presses Rep. Roger Marshall over claims on immigration. https://t.co/mTCE2CN6OQ
Rachel Maddow reports exclusive news that the is sending active duty JAGs to six cities along the U.S.-Mexico border, to serve as special assistant U.S. attorneys. https://t.co/Kf54YKZM5L
"I'm not saying we shouldn't have border security, we should. Treat these people as human beings, don't treat them as animals or someone that we can take their rights away. "

— Rev. John Jenkins, Pres. University of Notre Dame https://t.co/Xfere5yTrk
BREAKING: DOJ sending active duty military lawyers, or "JAGs, " to at least 6 cities along the Texas-Mexico border to prosecute migrants @maddow, reports @MSNBCon
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