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"That’s what’s so interesting about this time—you find yourself often on the same side with people you have been on the opposing side from for 25 years." — @JoeNBC

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52 minutes
Omarosa: The WH communications staff would prep the president to lie https://t.co/r4X862hLyc
London police say they are treating the incident outside the UK parliament as a "terrorist incident." https://t.co/IUbwRToqWd
A year later, alt-right recedes but still likes Trump https://t.co/mHaIQzg1WE
Rep. Karen Bass: Vilification of Rep. Nancy Pelosi is getting really old. https://t.co/oDdDknv4hI
UPDATE: Police say they do not believe anyone injured outside London's Houses of Parliament is in a life-threatening conditionhttps://t.co/IUbwRToqWd.
Car crashes into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Police say "a number of pedestrians" are hurt. https://t.co/IUbwRToqWd
London police: The male driver of the car was detained by officers at the scene. A number of pedestrians have been injured.
BREAKING: Car crashes into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in London. One man has been arrested, Scotland Yard says.
WATCH: Jonathan Capehart leads an #AMJoy panel through a short history of racial inequality in the Trump-era. https://t.co/TQUjICkUkl
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