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A breakout season for the Rays, but ultimately, Tampa Bay becomes the final AL team to miss the cut for the postseason.
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What's better? Ohtani's singing? Or his ability to hit dingers? 🤔

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For the first time since 2014, the @Athletics are going to the postseason!
Cole Hamels with a TANK to center! 😮 #PitchersWhoRake

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One week left for players to make their final MVP cases. The floor is yours, Mookie.

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These four teams are still battling for a postseason spot. One will be left out.

Who will it be?
Here are the teams that have punched their tickets to the postseason entering Monday!
If you are feeling down this Monday, please allow @Angels rookie Shohei Ohtani to cheer you up with his 🔥 singing!

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SEVEN teams went down last week and were eliminated from postseason contention.

RT if your team STILL has a chance to win the World Series!
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There is now only ONE WEEK left in the MLB regular season.

RT if your team got the W today!
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