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  3. breaking: the #dodgers have reportedly acquired russell martin from the #bluejays. #mlbnow
BREAKING: The #Dodgers have reportedly acquired Russell Martin from the #BlueJays. #MLBNow
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BREAKING: The #Dodgers have reportedly acquired Russell Martin from the #BlueJays. #MLBNow


"It means the world to me, the support I've been getting (fro @SPMIndyCarm ) ... it's just phenomenal. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to race for them last year.

"And even more grateful I'll have the opportunity sometime in the future. "

Looking back at that Rams-Saints game from Week 9. New Orleans was up 35-17 at the half and Jared Goff finished with 391 yards & 3 TD's. He has not had one of those games in a while. Does he have another one in him if he needs to?
Houston, we have a problem: loss of Musselburgh's meeting torpedoes owner's trek from the US> https://t.co/sxq724pdiz
The Eagles still have use for Nick Foles even with Carson Wentz as their first-choice QB.

Foles is capable of being a full-time starting QB outside of Philadelphia.

It would take effort from both parties to get the signal-caller back in Philly in 2019: https://t.co/RlXuH8IKSt
From ⁦@OscarDeLaHoya⁩: “There was no hesitance from Canelo whatsoever to take this fight. That’s what we have to appreciate about Canelo. He’s willing to take on anybody. Fighters today just don’t do that. Canelo’s the only one willing to do so.” https://t.co/YIGblWwJA0
Newport County have re-signed defender Regan Poole from Manchester United on a loan deal until the end of the season.

👉 https://t.co/oYNnb2UtuM
💬 We are ready

Martin O’Neill says that th #NFFCe squad are up for the challenge of gaining promotion from the Championship as he takes on the manager’s johttps://t.co/LJ62UFxYB3b.
🗣 O'Neill on his welcome back.

New #NFFC manager Martin O'Neill was delighted with his reception from the fans as he returned to the club ahead of tomorrow's game against Bristol City.
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Her quote is: "We've found prayer rugs out here. It's unreal." It's unclear from context if she personally found the rugs, or knows other ranchers who have. She doesn't describe them. She doesn't have them. No other ranchers are quoted.

How does she know what she knows? (2/2)
A Muslim immigrant woman, who came here from a war-torn country, pointed out an accounting error in which I overpaid her. I would never have noticed it. I know she could have used the money.

Another daily reminder that our country is filled w. honest, hard-working immigrants.
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