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It's never to early to look at the first-time eligible players on the 2020 @baseballhall ballot! #MLBTonight
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These 2019 Hall of Famers are headed to MLB Network!

Don't miss Mo, Moose and @11EdgarMartinez on #MLBTonight tomorrow at 5:30pm ET. #HOF2019
.@Metallica dropped in to congratulate Mariano Rivera on his unanimous election to the Hall of Fame!

Check out the full interview with the @Yankees legend here: https://t.co/4CLO3uIcmK
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The #HOF2019 results are in! Break them down with #MLBTonight right now.
Which hat do you think Mike Mussina should wear on his #HOF2019 plaque?
Roy Halladay had a Hall of Fame work ethic. Former @Phillies teammate Cole Hamels tells us about it. #HOF2019
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Hall of Famer @11EdgarMartinez hit .579 against Hall of Famer @MarianoRivera.

HOW? #HOF2019
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So did @MarianoRivera ever think of throwing another pitch besides the cutter?? @Yankees #HOF2019 🤔🤔🤔
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4 more will enter the @baseballhall!

Congratulations to @11EdgarMartinez, @MarianoRivera, Mike Mussina and the late Roy Halladay. #HOF2019
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