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When the cat’s away...
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When the cat’s away...


This is officially the age when you start hating your job https://t.co/KcNac42YEo
@benshapiro I have absolutely nothing against religious people or our freedom to practice faith. But I do feel when one is a representative of the country, her decision to publicly support discriminatory behavior for any reason is disappointing. https://t.c
When the outfit speaks for itself 😍 Takin' inspo from our babe Lizzy in the 'CC Clarke Brown Checked Belted Blazer Jacket and High Waisted Trousers' 👐🏽 Huns we have up to 60% off sitewide RN! Tap the link to shop the outfit before it's gone 💸 https://t.co/RoL5kkIBJl
PREACH. 🙌 @CSiriano thinks size should not be an issue when getting dressed in the morning — and he's working to change that.
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“I don’t want to brag about myself, but I have heard the same phrase so many times, and it’s always, ‘When I was 15 years old, Pussy Whipped saved my life’”

In honour of @theebikinikill’s reunion announcement, read our 2013 interview with Kathleen Hanna:
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A government that has the confidence of the house, except when it comes to governing.
Blow them away: our Spring 2019 #MichaelKorsCollection Bancroft bags, shot by @inezandvinoodh, make the ultimate statement.
No need to give up your outdoor workout—this high-visibility apparel and accessories will keep you safe when you hit the streets running or cycling. https://t.co/OI3ZFnlkVE
How we act when we find the perfect ‘jeans and nice top’ combo 🙋‍♀️ #ThisIsNewLook https://t.co/BgMyGrjHkj
"In meetings, I try to take verbatim notes and it forces me to remain open to the conversation and then I draw doodles. I warn colleagues that I learn best when I'm writing and when the pen is in my hand." @sherylconnelly
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