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Beyond your wildest nightmares! In theaters March 15. #UsMovie #LayYourEdgesTight @JordanPeele @Winston_Duke
Wakandans, assemble! Thank you to our fellow actors for nominating our ensemble for a #SAGAward. Phambili! 🙅🏿‍♀️ #BlackPanther
Thank you, @AAFCA! The Kingdom of Wakanda motions to make your 🏆 out of vibranium! #WakandaBoutThat #BlackPanther
Yes! #TheYummiestGitheri is out! My hunger for Kenyan food is satiated momentarily as I read this latest children's book in the series by Kwame Nyong'o. All available on Amazon! #PromotionFromTheHeart #yeswearerelated https://t.co/9BscenEfTk
It was an honor to announce the Young Executives Fellowship Program at ’s eve#WomenInEntertainmentnt with Wakandans & . This program will allow high schools students to immerse themselves in the entertainment industry & create our future leaders!
. and I discuss everything from armadillos, producing and directing, to Melissa taking her daughters to see in 's issue. C#BlackPantheronversation lik#ActorsOnActorse butter!
More is more, "Less is a snore!" Here's to you, Gianni Versace!
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