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One of my favourite humans released an album today, I wrote track 8 with him and i love it.
And no it's not Calum
It's disgusting how many photos I have of me and my beastly four legged companion on my phone
Ate chicken nuggets and cupcakes today, am I 21 or 7
Happy birthday to my best frand @ashtonirwin love you long time
Happy birthday to my best frand @ashtonirwin  love you long time
Happy bday !:-)
Just got to the grocery store and realised my pants are on backwards and my shirt is inside out...send halp
@BoJackHorseman miss u
*plays cold by maroon 5*
When you wave at your neighbours and they look at you with the same loving eyes as a dementor
Does anyone know this man ?
Does anyone know this man ?
Who let me out of the house
Biggest fan 🙃 @petunia 📸@sierradeaton
Biggest fan 🙃 @petunia 📸@sierradeaton
New shit is cray
You're never too old to laugh at the ketchup bottle making a fart noise
Only petunia can judge me
McDonald's mcflurry's are really coming between me and my fitness goals
I can feel people getting annoyed with how many photos I post of my dog
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