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1/4 of One Direction :) We would be nowhere without our incredible fans, we owe it all to you.

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Also have to say X Factor was such an amazing experience! Can’t believe it’s over. Thank you to the whole team and all the contestants!
Anywayyyyy just signed off on the final production of something I’m very excited about :)
Proper confused. What a hypocrite!
If you wanna download the app and vote for my boys here it is :) please do :)
What a show it was last night. It’s been an emotional week. Can’t believe it’s almost over. Thank to everyone who has watched and voted so far! #xfactor
Have to say I saw Jadon Sancho play live at Wembley the other week. Very very exciting player for us. @Sanchooo10
I’ve believed in you since I saw your first audition last year. I know the struggles you’ve come up against and I’m blown away how you’ve taken it all in your stride. Your story is inspirational to anyone with a dream especially those in recovery or considering it!
@harrisdalton you really are a fascinating guy with unquestionable talent. One of the strongest people I’ve ever met! Bring on the final
But onto tonight I can’t thank everyone enough who voted for my boys to be in the final. I can’t quite believe it. So thankful and proud of the lads
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