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Lou Dobbs
tom homan americans are catching on the dimms said theres no caravans its a manufactured crisis keeps winning
#BrokenBordersTom Homan: “Americans are catching on. The Dimms said there’s no caravans, it’s a manufactured crisis.@POTUS keeps winning on the issue because he's been right from the start. Americans aren't fooled. They are concerned about the southern border.”#MAGA #Dobbs

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13 believed dead dozens injured in suspected arson attack on japan animation studio
13 believed dead, dozens injured in suspected arson attack on Japan animation studio
Mirror Breaking News
breaking no deal brexit set to trigger year long uk recession this winter government s official watchdog decla
BREAKING No Deal Brexit set to trigger year-long UK recession this winter, government's official watchdog declares
@TIME 2 hours
btstwt is one of times most influential people on the internet this year
.@BTS_twt is one of TIME’s most influential people on the Internet this year
AFP news agency
video at a campaign rally us president trump s supporters chant send her home it comes after the president dou
VIDEO: At a campaign rally US President Trump's supporters chant 'send her home'.

It comes after the president doubled-down on his earlier tweets, in which he said US Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and other Democratic politicians should 'go home'
together again k pop group girls generation held a mini reunion
Together again: K-pop group Girls’ Generation held a mini reunion
@ANI 2 hours
sources income tax department attaches 7 acre land belonging to bsp chief mayawati s brother anand kumar and h
Sources: Income-Tax Department attaches 7 acre land belonging to BSP Chief Mayawati's brother Anand Kumar and his wife. I-T Dept. is investigating a case against them regarding high value properties in New Delhi and Noida, and investment in companies promoted by the couple.
@CNN 33 minutes
cambodian officials have announced that they re sending 1600 tons of trash back to their source the united sta
Cambodian officials have announced that they're sending 1,600 tons of trash back to their source -- the United States and Canada.
@ANI 14 minutes
former pakistan prime minister shahid khaqan abbasi has been arrested by national accountability bureau nab pa
The Spectator Index
china has built the world s largest air purifier standing at over 100 meters tall with improved air quality ob
China has built the world's largest air purifier, standing at over 100 meters tall, with improved air quality observed over an area of more than 10 square kilometres.
Sky News
@SkyNews 38 minutes
breaking even in the most benign version of a no deal exit there would be a very significant hit to the uk eco
Breaking: "Even in the most benign version of a no-deal exit there would be a very significant hit to the UK economy" - Chancellor @PhilipHammondUK responds to a no-deal Brexit recession warning from the OBR.

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