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Been bumping #beastmode during my workouts on @spotify

Heard Keanu Reeves in there 💪

Listen to Keanu Reeves on @AppleMusic now!
Thank you to the fan reading this! YOU are why I make music! YOU are why I have fun and create free of judgment. Sincerely for life! We are the #RattPack we are FAMILY!!!
Peace, Love and Positivity!
I can’t believe I create for a living it’s amazing! I think of fun ideas whether it’s books movies or music and use that outlet to spread positivity I love it! I make what I make for people who love it and I’m so happy to have fans that do enjoy it! You guys are so awesome!!!!
People really fuckin with this song I just had fun making one night on tour 🙌🏼
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Hey I like fortnite what am I gonna rap about fake shit I don’t enjoy lol
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