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Tonight on the show. Thank you @ArianaGrande for making this so special. We love ya x
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It’s the Brits tonight. I’ve been to the Brits once in my career and we won so that’s a 100% success rate in my eyes but if I weren’t in Dubai I would gladly end that long winning streak tonight to watch The Greatest Showman open up the show!!! Here’s a …
wish eminem would just drop his mom's spaghetti recipe already.


We're so excited to be back on that stage!! Watch The #BRITs 2019 live tonight at 8pm GMT, let's go 🤪
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BREAKING: Jussie Smollett has officially been classified as a SUSPECT by the Chicago PD.
Exclusive: Ubisoft developing a female-driven 'Skull & Bones' TV show
SHUT UP!! WE JUST WON BEST BRITISH VIDEO @brits!! You guys are absolutely incredible, this is ALL YOU and we are so unbelievably grateful 😭♥️♥️
the girls x
**BREAKING: "Officers inspected the shipment of frozen strawberries and found 906 pounds of methamphetamine worth an estimated $12,700,000."**

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I’m so proud of my baby Larry you’ve grown so much and have come a long way...but you still get on my nerves, just a little less 😂 You really are the plug 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hey hey PEEPS I just recorded a new cover today of my girl @ArianaGrande #Thankyounext check the full video out at this link and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE 😘
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