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Correspondent for @NewsHour, the commercial-free craft beer of news (with less attitude). Chester Arthur is still my favorite president.

Latest Scoops

SMOLLETT: Chicago PD say they used footage from 55 cameras (some city, some private) to track the initial suspects, as well as video obtained inside the *cab* they took.
SMOLLETT: Chicago PD say they used footage from 55 cameras (some city, some private) to track the initial suspects, as well as video obtained inside the can they took.
@PoliticoScott @ShaneGoldmacherI just wish his website were working at the moment. (Or they hadn't taken down all the policy content without replacing it today.)
Bwah wah.

As Bernie Sanders announces his run for president, looks like the campaign website links to his actual policies are gooone.

And *no* menu on the homepage... (that I can find).
CALIFORNIA AG BECERRA: The liklihood is we will be filing an action, very soon, in court (to try to block the president's national emergency aciton).
NEWS: SCOTUS will hear the census case on whether the Trump admin. can ask if people are U.S. citizens or not.

And they will do it quickly. Arguments will be in April.
Thanks everybody!

Good luck to our new attorney general.

--end scene--
Q11: North Korea, what has been accomplished? Will we see something concrete?

POTUS Ansr 11: Alot's been accomplished. No rockets, no missiles, no testing. But more importantly we have a great relationship. Japan's Prime Min. Abe nominated me for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Q10: The national debt is now over 22 trillion - what are your plans to deal with that?

POTUS Anr 10: Well it's all about growth. Also Obama raised the debt. First though I have to worry about the military. Get the military straightened out. Growth will solve this.
Q9: Folo up on China tariffs...?

POTUS ansr: There is possibility that if we are close to a good deal, I may push back those tariffs.

The Most Relevant

From sources all over the Capitol:

- POTUS DOES have right to enter the House chamber, at anytime.
- That includes if they are out of session, technically.
- But he can't speak from podium or dais w/out express House permission.

I can't believe I'm writing all this.

Rep. Schakowsky: Does anyone know how many children were separated from their parents?

(No answer from panel.)

Schakowsky: Does anyone know how many separated kids are still in U.S. custody?

(No answer.)

Schakowsky: No one knows.
SCHUMER: The president slammed the table, asked Speaker Pelosi if she would support his wall and when she said no, he walked out and said "we have nothing to talk about".
NOW: Police and staff are keeping all seats for the public empty. No more public inside. There is a line outside, unclear if this is temporary.

This is why you hear no more protests.
BREAKING: Sen GOP plans first floor vote on Kavanaugh for Saturday, 12 noon.

That will be procedural vote. Unclear if GOP has 50.

Committee vote to happen tomorrow 9:30 as planned.
BREAKING - THE DEAL: Dem source says leaders are zeroing in on...
- clean CR to Feb 15
- *No wall $*
- vehicle for DHS, border security conf bill
- Senate votes first
- backpay provision
McCarthy to us a few minutes ago: The Speaker of the House should not leave the country during a shutdown.

Reporters: but the president left the country during the shutdown - he went to Iraq.

McCarthy: and where was Nancy Pelosi then (Hawaii)...?

Me. So ...? ??
NOW: Waiting outside Kavanaugh hearing room. A silent but rather clear protest. (Re: abortion.)
NEW BREAKING: Sen. Collins just said Kavanaugh told her he agrees w Roberts' take on Roe V Wade - that it is settled law.
GRAHAM to me: "why he (the president's lawyer - Emmet Flood) is there (in these classified briefings), I don't know. That is a bit odd. If the president's lawyer is there, I'd like to know why."
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