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  3. mr. president, declare a national emergency now. build a wall now.
Mr. President,

Declare a national emergency NOW.

Build a wall NOW.


Trump today extended a national emergency declaration in 1995 by President Clinton to sanction terrorist groups aiming to disrupt Middle East peace. There are 31 active national emergencies, dating back to 1979. Trump has declared three new ones. https://t.co/8AGhvT9NrE
See @kenblackwell tonight on Newsmax Now. Ken takes on the shutdown, IRS, and Trump’s war for the wall. See Ken at 6PM & 9PM ET via Directv 349, XFinity 1115, Dish 216, Uverse 1220, Fios 615, Spectrum or @ https://t.co/6eLEBWf2nW
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Chris Hansen would be the last person a suspected child predator would see before they were arrested on national television. Now it's his turn to be in trouble with the law. https://t.co/XUi6U85g8z
The president’s vision of a massive wall along the Mexican border is fundamentally about propaganda and oppression, not national security, @BCLeeJr writes. https://t.co/uk4QUaQfY8
Building a wall on America’s southern border was Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise. Now he’s had a huge change in rhetoric. https://t.co/ZUIs8EzPPo
There is a huge, growing gap - now 76 points - between Republicans & Democrats in support for substantially expanding the wall.
There was a time when churches would only post Bible verses or inspirational messages on their signs. But now some are making a full-frontal assault on President Trump ... https://t.co/Q9tEwaFUz1
Tune in now to get caught up with your local and national news while out getting lunch. We have the latest from Wellington where a restaurant was obliterated by a semi truck that slid off the road.
An Arizona congressman is calling on President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
"What my church desperately needs to do now is to seek justice for the victims of sexual abuse by priests and to build a new foundation for itself as quickly as possible." https://t.co/R3NzWaXMK7
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