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And the race is on to see which cable news host will get the next Lewandowski “interview.”
On my way to Brownsville, Texas right now.
Republican Senators said much worse about Trump during campaign than FBI texts said about Trump. https://t.co/Rpjo8ga0gT via @msnbc
Every White House press briefing question today should begin with “Why are you lying?”
“Why are you lying about your family separation policy?”https://t.co/xauKgGK0w1
The stunning editorial disconnect between Rupert Murdoch’s @nypost & con@FoxNewstinues. Post calls Trump & Paul Ryan “pathetic,” says they deserve to lose 2018 elections for “breaking up families.”
Andrew Feinberg explains why he's the ONLY reporter who asked Trump "Why are you lying, sir?"

This is how heroes make decisions ...https://t.co/hEc4kzBIaY
@weeprisefight You’re right. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I don’t see those things. I’ve tried to prevent that in the past and will again. Thanks
Andrew Feinberg was the ONLY reporter who asked Trump this question: "Why are you lying, sir?"

Why ask any other question when Trump is doing something egregious right in front of you at that moment?

"Why are you lying, sir?" is always the best Trump question.https://t.co/7V8H9ojdUn
The picture worth a thousand tears continues to tell the story ...
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