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Tonight @JoyAnnReid is gonna hand off to me in the same LA studio, which is technically more complicated than it should be. Stand by for live TV technical difficulties @TheLastWord 10pm.
Houston Chronicle editor joins @TheLastWord 10pm
Of course Trump accepts the Saudi lies about how they murdered Jamal Khashoggi.

@TheLastWord 10pm
Tonight’s @TheLastWord is live from LA where we will all be hanging @Politicon tomorrow.
I’ve never been to a CON either!
Thanks for following me, Mike, and taking the time to reply to even my tiniest thoughts.
The bad news is I woke up too early. The good news is I saw the Boston sunrise.
Remember when Jesus Christ said forgive the murderer if he buys arms from the arms dealers who contribute to your campaign? https://t.co/TaexBgbHKo
A powerful review by ⁦@GeorgeWill⁩ of the book that shows how the military lessons of Vietnam were forgotten in Iraq. https://t.co/RrPmdqDCXE
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