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It will all still be here tomorrow. All of it.

You can put it all aside today and let today be Aretha's day.
@InandOfItself @birbigs @TimGunn @SarahKSilverman @RuPaul @neilhimself @BebeNeuwirth @MsLeaSalonga @larrywilmore @DLChamplin Changed my weekend travel schedule so that I can attend the final performance of @derek_del masterpiece.
Today's lesson for racists:

Using the word dog instead of the N-word does NOT prove you are not a racist.
Trump's most corrupt cabinet member?
The Omarosa window into the cruel incompetence of the Trump White @TheLastWord 10pm

They are all Omarosa.
@NepRWA @DotNews T @MattapanFoodFit @MattapanAction @AdvanceMattapan @NepGreenway @ArtsMattapanhe first place I ever set foot on a boat was the Neponset River. So many memories. Thank you for everything you’re doing for the river and the neighborhood. It looks beautiful.
@DotNews T @NepRWAhe concept of water pollution had not arrived in Dorchester in the 1960s when we were jumping into the Neponset River from the expressway. If you went deep enough you always felt shopping carts and car parts.
@NepRWA @DotNews I @MattapanFoodFit @MattapanAction @AdvanceMattapan @NepGreenway @ArtsMattapan’ve done more swimming in the Neponset River than any other body of water. Yes swimming! We thought the multicolored chemicals pouring out of the Keystone factory were just part of the scenery.
Stephen Miller’s eloquent uncle is now a leader of the resistance. https://t.co/qNUYZa6olq via @politico
Daniel Patrick Moynihan was first to warn a President of global warming. In 1969! https://t.co/UASyINTbzZ
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