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Luke loves talking X’s and O’s, but sometimes he gets distracted…

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OFFICIAL: Lakers Sign Joel Berry II

🎥 @LakersReporter and @JoeyARamirez recap the Lakers 2018 Las Vegas Summer League run, and how it can set them up for success in the regular season
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Both teams entered with 6-0 records, but the Lakers were unable to repeat as summer champs.
🎥 Alex Caruso describes spending the last three weeks on the road, playing in Cuba, Sacramento and Vegas.
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🎥 Josh Hart reflects on his Summer League MVP campaign and looks ahead to competing at training camp.
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🎥 Svi Mykhailiuk weighed in on L.A.’s championship game loss to Portland, and discussed the play that earned him a spot on the All Summer League 2nd Team.
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🎥 Miles Simon talked about a difficult championship game, and wrapped up the two weeks L.A. spent in Las Vegas.
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Tough way to end a strong couple weeks.

#LakersSummer finishes with a 6-1 record in Las Vegas.
🎥 Luke Walton gives his impressions of tonight's game, and his thoughts on the upcoming season
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