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The laughs 🤣
The left-foot 👌
The working-class hero 👊
The work-rate 💪
The passion 👏

Here’s 5⃣ of the reasons we love @andrewrobertso5 ❤️🙌
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** 12 years ago: Shaq, Bron and Dwight’s epic dance-off at All-Star weekend.
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BTS | Wembley Stadium | Saturday June 1st 2019.

Alisson on Manuel Neuer:

"He is a big reference for me. When we got them in the draw I was pleased knowing I’d be against him."

When you get the chance to play against your heroes 🤩
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81 career interceptions 😲

It’s going to be pretty tough to top Paul Krause’s record.
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Breaking: Manny Machado has agreed to a deal with the Padres, per @JeffPassan
United Kingdom trends currently 😨

We can’t wait to welcome #BTS and the #BTSARMYARMY to Wembley@BTS_twt!#LOVE_YOURSELF #SPEAK_YOURSELF

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The guys have arrived and this morning’s camp is underway here @natbballctr in Manchester.

Coach @albertorenzo has the guys working hard this morning!

If you want @Bharper3407 to stay in Washington, where he belongs -- where he's always belonged -- RT this. If you want to let the most compelling DC athlete since Riggo know he's still wanted here more than Philadelphia, this is the time to do it.
Snow, sleet and rain on the way today! All the details you need are right here. ⬇️

Here's how @mandyrose stunned the #WWEUniverse by defeating the #SDLive #WomensChampion, @WWEAsuka.

#SPNSports #WWE
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Is your knowledge of the Universe Boss out of this world? Take on @Benedict_B's quiz ahead of Windies' ODIs with England.

Try it here 👉
Cast announced for the world premiere of the @lyceumtheatre stage adaptation of Local Hero. #ad
Just seen a killer stat, or found an angle in today's racing on

Going to place a bet, but there's only 5 minutes until the off? ⏱

Here's how you can make your life a lot easier! 🙌🏻
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Here's a look at the updated women's #UAAPSeason81Volleyball standings as of February 20! 📊
Snow continues to fall in the valley although the rate is only about .02 of an inch per hour. Give yourself extra time for your morning commute and extra space.
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“It’s very sad and disappointing”

Conservative MP @JamesCleverly reacts live on air to @Emmabarnett to the news that Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen and Anna Soubry have left the Conservative Party to join the breakaway Independent Group.

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