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#1 New York Times bestselling author of Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, the Grisha Trilogy, and Wonder Woman (wut). Occasional gnashing of teeth.

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It's #MLKDay Reminder that you can support authors of color by purchasing their books for classrooms at https://t.co/HFR49kYeYp.
The Severed Moon journal comes out the same day as King of Scars! We filled it with quotes and prompts and questions that I hope will keep you inspired. For a look at the interior pop on over to my IG stories 🌙⚡
Just put a loooong story up on my IG about what you can expect from the #KingofScars tour stops + info on where to get signed books 🖤
Kelly is a kind and generous lady. And V, I'm so glad you're looking forward to it! I know you know for ghosts 🖤👻👻
I'm glad someone can finally answer the hard questions.
Feel free to reply with questions and we'll pick one or two to answer during our Q&A.
Tour news!! 👑🖤✨ @HIGHzurrer the wonderful writer adapting Shadow and Bone & Six of Crows for Netflix will be joining me for my Los Angeles stop at !!@BNEventsGrove
Realizing not a lot of my followers watch #ForgedinFire and I feel so alone. Guys, they make swords and knives! And @DougMarcaida makes the best dad jokes and Dave Baker is dapper af and @Whiskey_Whiskey wears mysteriously tight pants and shouts. I learn so much.
My King of Scars tour stop in Decatur is sold out, but we've opened up a bunch of signing only tickets. You'll miss my q&a, but you can still meet me, get your books signed, and get a photo if you wish it 🖤🌙https://t.co/ObuwQixoFo
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