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Theresa May has said she is bringing together other Parliamentary parties to find a solution to her Brexit deal. @TomSwarbrick1 asks: will this be succesful in moving Brexit forward
Theresa May addresses the nation from outside Downing Street.

Hear it live now: https://t.co/4zu41YutBb
“It is quite clear that it will either be some kind of deal that gets through or a second referendum” Labour MP John Mann on what happens with Brexit

@IainDale | @JohnMannMP | #Brexit
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The EU thinks if we are forced to vote again, we’ll change our minds Brexit. But, if there is a second referendum, they’re in for a shock - Nigel Farage

@Nigel_Farage | #Brexit
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10 hours
Theresa May's government survives no confidence vote by a majority of 19 https://t.co/Lp6SvXgqVU
10 hours
MPs are currently voting on a motion of no confidence in Theresa May’s government. Watch it live #ConfidenceVote https://t.co/1WbfcH8xqi
11 hours
Do you have confidence in Theresa May’s government? @Nigel_Farage is live from the EU Parliament in Strasbourg https://t.co/fxNmWqoJHV
13 hours
With MPs currently debating Jeremy Corbyn's motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister, @eddiemair asks: Do you have confidence in Theresa May?
13 hours
Labour MP Chuka Umunna defends his bid for a second referendum, telling LBC: “It’s not my job to facilitate Brexit” https://t.co/RGqTa5XdRn
14 hours
Remain-voting Nicky Morgan has told LBC that she will back Brexit, if there's a deal which doesn't undermine the economy.
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