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The Damned Things are back! The band have just unveiled a new single, Cells, as well as details of their second record High Crimes.
It looks like @mastodonmusic will pay tribute to their late manager, Nick John, with a 7" box set later this year.
We had a father-son chat with @TheSoulflyTribe's Max Cavalera and @INCITEband's Richie Cavalera about being a metal family.
Thanks for watching our exclusive stream of @BSTNMNR in #TheKPit. Missed it? Then watch it here:
And catch Boston Manor when they hit the U.S. in April and @SlamDunkMusic festival in May 🔥
Mike Shinoda wants to ask his biggest fans some questions! If that’s you, step this way…
Now streaming over at @BSTNMNR hitting #TheKPit! Trust us when we say it all goes off…
Some bands have stories so good that they need turning into movies. Here are 10 band biopics that we’d love to see on the big screen…

The Most Relevant

And then the @TheGRAMMYs left Vinnie Paul Abbott out of the In Memoriam reel. Thanks for reminding metalheads you don't really care about our fallen heroes, ! R#GRAMMYsIP Vinnie Paul.
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This is out tomorrow! Featuring @5SOS, @FrankIero, @youmeatsix, @FIROfficial and loads more!
Depression can affect anyone, don't suffer in silence. Find a friend, family member or someone like the Samaritans on the phone: 116 123.
July 20th marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of Chester Bennington. Kerrang! is honoured to have worked with his wife and family to produce a special commemorative cover feature, with brand new interviews remembering Chester's life and legacy.
Today is the 17th birthday of @linkinpark's Hybrid Theory. Play it loud. Play it for Chester.
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