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The Hungarian government spent €216 million over the past eight years on propaganda and fearmongering. Why is the European Union so generously funding PM Viktor Orban’s attacks on core democratic values? https://t.co/12dbO1HExL
61% of people polled in 26 countries oppose the development of "killer robots"--weapons systems that would select and attack targets without human intervention--versus 22% who support them and 17% who aren't sure: new Ipsos poll.
One of Nicaragua’s most influential political watchdog journalists has gone into exile after receiving threats from the Ortega government. https://t.co/6M2FFcvBIM
The US Congress has been “mostly silent on the human rights nightmare” in the occupied territories even as Israel has “adopted some practices reminiscent of apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow segregation in the” US. https://t.co/Fp24IlDq3Q
The Trump administration’s prosecution of volunteers who leave food and water in the border desert so migrants don’t die is no better than the EU’s barring NGO rescue ships from operating in the Mediterranean. No one should use death to deter migrants. https://t.co/J9wFYqOHsa
Venezuelans have selected the 61st anniversary of their country’s return to democracy to protest its demise under Pres Maduro. https://t.co/t40OvYcW5D
"By creating a fully enclosed system, controlling all incentives & disincentives, & 'breaking' individuals physically, socially & psychologically," China found it "could condition the human mind in the same way that Pavlov had learned to condition dogs." https://t.co/7gXbLVO09w
European Union imposes sanctions on the head and deputy head of Russia's military intelligence unit for using nerve agent Novichok for assassination attempt in the UK. Syrian officials are also sanctioned for chemical weapons use. https://t.co/3dYTcQOODE
These are the “reforms” that Zimbabwe Pres Mnangagwa believes merit the lifting of targeted sanctions? He says the recent brutal crackdown on protesters against his rule is “just a foretaste” of what is to come. https://t.co/38dwy0ZzkD
Even highly repressive Uzbekistan is reforming. The lessons:
1. Sustained pressure works.
2. Autocrats don’t see relations with repression-embracing China and Russia as sufficient to replace good relations with the West. https://t.co/G6mpn6eqwz
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