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GQ Special Correspondent: THE CLOSER. On Bojack Horseman. Denounced by Trump. Co-owned by two Malteses, Stevie and Rose.

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Nightmare news from spring training. He was one of the true good guys - with everybody. #RipNick
We have a Zion address correction from @MisterCBooz
@ballparkprints I was a dealer at those shows, next to Mike Aronstein’s TCMA table. Had we already moved to the Roosevelt? I thought that was 1975 and that we were still at the District 65 union hall on Astor Place in ‘74.
SoCAL MISSING PET ALERT: Bubba, Himalayan cat, missing from 5941 Graciosa Drive LA, near the Griffith Observatory. Chip: 956000010647551. If you find or see him, contact @akcreunite or call 800-252-7894. PLEASE RT
Not to tell anybody how to bet (or just TO bet) but knowing recent baseball hiring trends, if you’re actually betting on Bochy’s #Giants successor wouldn’t you want some obscure name from the Dodger system from which Farhan Zaidi just jumped? Like Travis Barbary or Austin Chubb?
That curious kind of NYC snow day. Streets are clear, taxis abound, traffic is normal. Sidewalks are a MESS
@rilaws Loved this. But you left out the Red Carpet cultural crossing of the streams when Hanks, Affleck and Damon broke the cummerbund of the LA Times’ guest correspondent https:/
Connor McDavid illness explained by video narrated by @GenePrincipe on @Sportsnet Oilers game broadcast: #ICantBelieveIShookThisGuysFrigginHand
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Please RT if you agree the cabinet must invoke the 25th Amendment, TODAY, and immediately remove @realDonaldTrump from the presidency.
You and @Potus can go fuck yourselves, you racist Nazi fucks.
What omits is that the files are scheduled, by law, to be released this Thursday. It’s like he’s declared today is Saturday
The hurricane is going to do less damage to schools than you are, Motherfucker
Watch; pls RT if you agree his cabinet must invoke the 25th Amendment to remove @realDonaldTrump ASAP #25thThe45th
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It took you three days. It lasted 40 seconds. You never said "domestic terrorism."

Fuck you, @realdonaldtrump
You just denied health care to rape victims. Go fuck yourself.
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