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Could this be the difference between Canada Deal or the Norway option?

Back to work tomorrow. Can’t promise I’ll be looking this glam, but certainly much better than I did on Friday! Thanks for all your kind messages. You’re the best. See you from 2pm on… https://t.co/MkUB4Xk8cp
#Brexit exhaustion crisis averted thanks to the magnificent @EmilyDeekerSky who has organised a weekend doing precisely nothing apart from fluffy robes, facials and good food… https://t.co/cilSG28ZLZ
My immeasurable thanks to Sasha from @transportforlondon and the wonderful passengers who came to my aid when I had a little episode on the train today. Feeling much better now. People are so lovely. Best city in the world
Did you leave this on a seat of the Piccadilly Line platform, westbound at Piccadilly Circus this lunchtime? Handed it in to the guard. Hope it finds you 😊

Found this old photo of me with my little boy @WolfieKutner. He’ll be absolutely thrilled I’ve shared it with you...

#firstladies #booklaunch #london #2011 https://t.co/RUCRFT1fao
BREAKING NEWS: Duke of Edinburgh involved in a car crash near Sandringham Estate. Uninjured
Corbyn writes to members advising not to engage with Govt until No Deal is taken off the table

Fun night @Cirque with the magnificent woman of the moment #FionaBruce and the always fun @theJeremyVine

#RoyalAlbertHall @Sentebale
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